OneLegacy Foundation Research Grant Opportunities

The OneLegacy Foundation’s Grants and Gifts Committee is chaired by Earl Crandall MD, PhD.  The Foundation’s mission is to support the advancement of human organ and tissue donation and transplantation through education and scientific research in order to improve outcomes for donors, their families, and recipients. OneLegacy Foundation’s grants process begins with a Letter of Inquiry (Letter of Intent) that must be submitted to the Grants & Gifts Committee.  Letters of Inquiry must include:

  • State how the project or program advances the mission of OneLegacy Foundation through scientific research to promote successful human organ and tissue transplants and function 
  • A complete budget will be requested if you are selected to provide a complete application 

The entire process of submitting and handling a grant application will be managed through proposalCentral.  To begin the process and submit a Letter of Inquiry, please go to proposalCentral and create a new account.  Once you have created an account, logon as an applicant and click on the "Grant Opportunities" tab, and select "OneLegacy Foundation" from the drop-down menu. Next,select the "OneLegacy Research Grant" and click on the "Apply Now" link. 

*OneLegacy Foundation will pay no more than 10% overhead costs on any research grant.



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