Fallen Soldier Donor Memorial Campaign

Honoring Our Military Heroes
Who Became Organ And Tissue Donors

It has been reported that 40 or more of our military troops who were wounded in the Iraqi and Afghanistani conflicts have become organ and tissue donors far from home. These brave men and women succumbed to their injuries at the Landstuhl Military Hospital in Germany after attempts to save their lives failed. At home, many more of our military, both active and inactive, have given of themselves by becoming organ and tissue donors at the time of their demise. All of these heroes have so far not received the special recognition they deserve.

OneLegacy Foundation with the help and support of the United Network For Organ Sharing (UNOS), have partnered together to correct this oversight by proposing the construction of military donor memorials at the National Donor Memorial in Richmond, Virginia and the Landstuhl Military Hospital in Germany to recognize and commemorate the lives of these brave men and women who have made organ and tissue donation their last act of public service.

Preliminary designs are underway for the memorial in Virginia with expected completion in 2014 and the memorial in Germany following shortly thereafter. Contributions from the community are being requested to complete the work and we hope you will join us in this effort.

Honor Our Heroes With The Special Recognition They Deserve

We invite you to Honor our Heroes with a gift to help build the Fallen Soldier Donor Memorial, by clicking here.


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